My trip to Cannes

samedi 2 février 2013



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Friday, I visited a a aquarium park ( Marineland ) in Antibes.

I can view a dolphin, a auk, a Orc, ...

I have attended a Spectacle.

I liked.

You can view a video here.


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Saturday, I was in Antibes walked and I saw a boat.

I love walked near water and I can see a mountain.

I visited the Old-Antibes.téléchargement (2)

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Monday, I walked to Monaco, I can view a boat

and Principality of Monaco.

I went to see the race circuit of Monaco

and the Christmas market.


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 Tuesday, I walked in Cannes along on the Croisette

and I climbed the stairs on Festivals Hall then I went stroll on the Sea.

I went to see the Croisette.

téléchargement cannes-palais-du-festival 

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Wednesday, I walkel to Nice in the promenade des anglais.

I visited the Old-Nice.


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